Posted on Sep 16, 2019

Miriam MW - Therapist - LCSW

About our Feelings
Our emotions make us human, but they can also be overpowering, confusing, and sometimes upsetting. So, how can we learn to embrace all of our emotions? As Barry Boyce writes, mindfulness gives us the opportunity to experience all of our emotions—so we can learn to play, not struggle, with our feelings.

Here are three ways to open up to all of your emotions:

1. Give yourself space to feel. To understand how you feel, it’s important to slow down and get in touch with what you’re feeling—without trying to fix anything, push any feelings away, or pick them apart.

2. Communicate openly with others. When your emotions are inconvenient, it can be tempting to bottle up how you feel and act as though everything is fine—especially when in a group setting, like work. But doing so only causes you to become disconnected from your experience, and ultimately feel unsatisfied, frustrated, and even angry.

3. Respond to your emotions with intention. Sometimes our emotions are so overpowering we find ourselves lashing out at others without meaning today, or bursting into tears without knowing why. By labelling how you feel, you can give yourself space to acknowledge your emotions instead of getting swept up by them. (from
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